A trip for both eyes and the belly in Aukstaitija - LITHUANIA/ 2 days

Day 1

For a merry beginning of a tour - pay a visit to a Lihuanian beer brewer, who brews appetizing honey beer using methods of Lithuanian ancestors. Here you will have a chance to see also the ancient beer brewing equipment.

Picturesque landscapes of Aukštaitija highland, where countless lakes and hillocks mingle together.

Feel the mightiness of the Nature - Stelmuže Oak - the grandest in Lithuania.

Enjoy the panoramic views of Aukštaitija on the unique Zarasai panoramic bridge.

Dinner consisting of dishes included in the culinary heritage of Aukštaitija: fish soup made from the fish from the local lake, didžkukuļai, dessert and a natural extract for the blood circulation.

Stay at a guest house; a sauna is available.


Day 2

Learn how the traditional Lihuanian sweet šakotis is made! Tasting afterwards.

Feast your eyes upon the beauty of Aukštaitija national park.

See the charming wooden Palūše church with the church tower, the Ladakalnis hill, which is an ancient place of worship, also reveals a wonderful view over the surrpounding joint lakes.

Visit Ginučiai 19th century watermill thatg still houses the original mechanism and later visit also the open-air museum of the ancient beekeeping, where sculptures reveal the beekeeping traditions. Go on a small hike with the local guide.

Lunch at a guest house, whose pride is the tradition and knowledge of Molēta region's regional food.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days


Keywords: Beer Culinary heritage Nature's jewels