Capture the moment! PHOTOGRAPHY plein air at LATVIAN nature/ 2 days

Day 1

The start of the trip and photography workshop by visiting the grandest stork village in Latvia, feasting upon smoked Burtnieka lake fish and tea. Try to capture on film the picturesque landscapes, the smoked fish and other still life.

Capture on film the most fotogenic animals - horses! The oldest horse farm in Latvia, that boasts having bred some world renowned horses. Learn about these beautiful Northern Latvia recehorses and try your skills in horse-riding.

Closer to the nature - boiling soup on the campfire.

Hemp farm. Learn about growing hemp, about its use, see the hemp processing instruments and taste the special hemp butter.

Dinner at a guest housereview of the pictures taken during the day - analysis; get suggestions for photographing in weak lighting, embark on an evening expedition around the local farm.


Day 2

The local culture centre - manor with its scenic park.

The Hemp Grand Oak. It has given its name to the acorn coffee - Grand Oak coffee; this is just the right place for having the morning coffee cup!

Capturing senses in pictures - seems hard? Not at the vivid and beautiful park of Senses near Gauja river and Gauja steep banks!

Suggestions for photographing architectural buildings - one of the most beautiful neobaroque manors in Vidzeme - Dikļi manor.


 Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

 Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

 Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days


Keywords: Culinary heritage Manors and palaces Nature's jewels