Pots, weirs and lamprey - LATVIAN crafts and delights

Visiting a Latvian ceramics workshop - one of the nationally renowned ceramist will show and tell, how from a simple lump of clay wonderful modern and aesthetically pleasing tableware and household items are made.

Stroll along the Vidzeme coastline to marvel upon the most fascinating red sandstone cliffs in Latvia.

Meeting the local fishermen - looking at weirs and tasting the local delicacy - lamprey.

The Randu Meadows - an important bird migration and nesting place; also a place where in a small area, one third of Latvian flora species can be found.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn (Bird migration), Winter

Approximate time on tour: whole day


Keywords: Birdwatcing Craftsmanship Culinary heritage Nature's jewels