The Royal picnic in Raiskums - LATVIA

Raiskums - the unknown natural, culture and historical, archeological pearl of Gauja national park. Raiskuma lake is one of the most beautiful, scenic natural water reservoirs, whose coasts are adorned by a thousand years old forest with a rich flora.

The royal picnic is a special offer for people, who wish to enjoy a relaxing time in nature in a wholesome and most refined way. Picnic tables and benches are provided for the guests, as well as authentic high-quality pottery and tableware; all meals and drinks are prepared from fresh Raiskuma region's local eco-products.

Pipe organ concert at a regional church.

Visit of Ungurmuiža wooden manor complex of the 18th century, the panoramic park with hundred years old oak 'giants'.

Lift over the lake - surrounded by 200 year old pine forest - to the place of the picnic - in boats and listening to Latvian traditional music. Snacks for the boat ride - bread baked in the same morning in authentic clome oven, Raiskuma cheese, clear spring water, refreshing tea.

Recreational activities for the guests: horse riding along the Raiskuma lake; boat ride in the lake; historical activities - archery, javelin throwing, axe throwing; the healing nature of forest herbs - excursion in the world of herbs - preparing and use of them.

Dinner prepared on the camp fire: Hungarian - Latvian goulash soup of a young bovine, trout fried in clay. Spring water; craft beer from the region; parched apple tea; freshly roasted and grinded coffee.

Closing the picnic with a performance - Latvian national music instrument kokle sounds.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: whole day


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