South ESTONIA gourmet tour/ 2 days

Day 1

Abja-Paluoja - in the capital Mulgimaa you will find out about the history and traditions of the region, of way of life - then and now.

A treat for the bellies in a local tavern, tasting also the local mulgipuder - after ancient recipes prepared traditional meal.

Enjoy two special beers in a local brewery; beers with even more special names - the Blonde Monk and the Black Nun - accompanied by Mulgi vegetable chips.

Join a tasting of smoked fish and eel soup on the banks of Verstjerva lake.

Hellenurme watermill has kept its flour grinding and grits producing equipment since 1930ies. The watermill is still functioning - guests have the possibility to touch and feel how grains turn to flour, as well as the chance to try freshly baked bread.


Day 2

Go on a nature-friendly ride with the river boat, that will take you to see the Ahja river valley and sandstone cliffs.

Mooste manor, which boasts not only the luxurious central building but also one of the most fascinating historicism style auxiliary buildings. The English surrounding park leaves the greatest impression. The complex is a great example of keeping the social life active; it houses a school, a guest house, a renovator workshop, Art and social practice centre and even a concert hall.

Get to know the process of wool yarn making in a wool factory-museum. Possibility to buy crafts made out of wool, and other local crafts.

An ecological farm - a wonderful place to enjoy the quiet and an exceptionally beautiful nature. Here more than 40 various herb species are grown.

Võhandu river sandstone cliffs.

Estonian milk factory visit - guided by the attractive host. Becoming acquainted with a real rural life. Milk tasting.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days


Keywords: Culinary heritage Industrial heritage Manors and palaces Nature's jewels Traditions