CYCLING tour: From wild horses and nature parks to Old Believers and Latgalian ranch - LATGALE/ 3 days

Day 1

Distance covered: 47 km

Road surface: 10% asphalt, 90% gravel paths and forest trails


Embark on a cycling tour and the most authentic Latvian experience you can get by visiting the hospitable Latgalians.

Drive along Dviete flood plains to marvel upon migrating birds and encounter wild horses and oxen,

Pay a visit to Svente manor with the museum of military arsenal.


Day 2

Distance covered: 45 km

Road surface: 15% asphalt, 85% gravel paths and forest trails


Feel the special aura of Daugavpils stronghold and visit of Mark Rothko museum.

Be amazed by the simple mightiness of nature - the bends of Daugava river; Daugava river fisherman's village.

Find out what is Latgale distinctive black pottery - join the masterclass.

Experience the unique culture of the Old Believers in their village.


Day 3

Distance covered: 48km

Road surface: 73% asphalt, 27% gravel paths and forest trails


Visit the prayer houses of the Old Believers with their own charm and special feeling.

Rāzna national park.

Feel more welcomed as ever - Latgalian ranch.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Distance covered: 140 km (~46km per day)

Level of difficulty: 4/10

Road surface: Mostly gravel paths and forest trails (3rd day - mostly asphalt)

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn (bird migration), Winter

Approximate time on tour: 3 whole days


Keywords: Craftsmanship Cycling Nature's jewels Traditions