Travel vibrant in LATGALE! (Vasals Latgola!)/ 3 days

Day 1

Līvāni crafts centre - an oasis for those, who wish to know Latgale's crafts history and its development through this day, take delight in art values and get positive energy in a harmoniously arranged environment.

Visit an unordinary place - Daugavpils shot factory! This is the only ammunition production factory open to tourists in the Baltics, where Europe's oldest, still functioning shot casting tower in Europe is found. Watch the historical process of shot casting, where molten lead obtains the form of an ideal bullet drop falling from the height of 40m.

Daugavpils Stronghold - the most incredible cultural and historical monument in Daugavpils. The only 19th century first half stronghold in the Baltics, that has not experienced much change over the years. It stands as a vivid historical testimony of the Russian Empire times.

Visit the only place in the Eastern Europe, where one can see the world famous artist's, the abstract founder of expressionism - Mark Rothko's - work. The art centre in a multifunctional complex of modern art.


Day 2

Awe - that's mostly the reaction you get when visiting the Nature park "Daugavas loki" or the bends of Daugava river; Visit of the ethnographic Old Believers village of Slutišķi; enjoy the landscapes of Daugava valley.

Stories and tasting of herbs and herbal teas in a local farm. The attractive hosts will introduce you to the processes and qualities of herbal teas.

Latgalians are believed to be the most hospitable and attractive people of Latvia. After this tour you will be convinced that it is true!

A charismatic pottery master will introduce you to the processes of Latgalian pottery.

The Switzerland of Latgale - Krāslava. Castle of Counts Plateri, church of St. Donat and wooden architecture.

Priedaine watch tower - the second highest wooden watchtower in Latvia.

The country ranch of Andrupene: a complex of the 20th century, which reflects the life in the countryside at that time. Saturating lunch - eating jobsiki and drinking a shot of šmakovka.

The Latgalian 'sea' - Rāzna lake and the Cloud hill - imaginative stories and picturesque landscapes.


Day 3

The highlights of Ludza: the wooden architecture, the promenade next to the lake and hike up the hill from which wonderful panoramic views of the city can be seen.

Pilgrimage destinaion - Sarkaņu church.

The city of Rēzekne - the myths and legends at the castle mound, Latgalian Māra and other highlights. The contemporary art centres of Rēzekne.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: whole day




Keywords: Architecture Craftsmanship Culture Nature's jewels Traditions