Pärnu and the vivid Kihnu island - ESTONIA/ 2 days

Day 1

Ferry crossing to Kihnu island.

Kihnu island is at the same time comfy and exotic. Traditional costumes are still worn here on an everyday basis. Unique handicrafts of the older generations are still honored. Kihnu island's wedding traditions and festivities celebrating traditions have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Use the chance to discover the Estonian lifestyle and traditional habits, meet flashy bikers that unofficialy are already considered as the symbol of the island.

Meet a folklore group to understand the local traditions and crafts. Enjoy and participate - Kihnu songs and plays.

Explore the island in an a unique way - while driving a truck and listening to a local guides stories. Kihnu church and the museum, where the local wedding traditions can be explored.

Picnic with smoked fish.

Ferry crossing to the continent.


Day 2

Excursion of the Old Town of Pärnu, the alley of wellness-houses, stroll through the parks to the sea.

The Maria Magdalena guild, which brings together the artists and craftsmen. Use the chance to talk to the artists, follow their work process, purchase the artwork and crafts.

Rannametsa nature trail. See the landscapes of Pärnu bay, swamp and the forests from a watchtower. Possibility to walk through the swamp on the wooden pathways.

Kabli beach and bird station, nature trail.

The old Riga way with the nurtured traditional farmsteads and former fishermen houses.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: whole day



Keywords: Craftsmanship Nature's jewels Performances Traditions