CYCLING tour: LATGALIAN craftsmen, Old Believers, gracious castles and moorlands/ 3 days

Day 1

Distance covered: 54 km

Road surface: 35% asphalt, 65% gravel paths and forest trails

The Medieval history witness - Ludza castle ruins.

Latgale crafts have their own specific features that characterize Latgalian culture. Visit a Latgalian craftsmen ranch.

The austere Sarkaņu church, one of the oldest in Latgale region, which houses a remarkable painting of Our Lady and is nowadays also a pilgrimage destination.

The city of Rēzekne and its highlights.

In Latgale the largest part of the Old Believers community resides. See how they have influenced Latgale region's culture and how it influences them - an Old Believers' village.


Day 2

Distance covered: 35 km

Road surface: 15% asphalt, 85% gravel paths and forest trails


The prayer chapels of the Old Believers.

Viļāni town and the Catholic church of Viļāni.

Varakļāni town and Varakļānu manor.

Latgalian swamp trails in Teiču nature reserve and Old Believers' village.


Day 3

Distance covered: 60km

Road surface: 35% asphalt, 65% gravel paths and forest trails


A pearl in Latgale - Cesvaine castle - an eclectic masterpiece of the 19th century's second half. This former hunting castle now houses a music and arts school, the Tourism Information centre and Cesvaine museum.

Lubāna region and Īdeņa's fishermen village.

Moorland trails and birdwatching tower


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Distance covered: 150 km (35-60 km per day)

Level of difficulty: 4/10

Road surface: Mostly gravel paths and forest trails (2/3 of the trail)

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Approximate time on tour: 3 whole days



Keywords: Architecture Birdwatcing Cycling Nature's jewels Swamps and bogs Traditions