HIKING tour: Along the Resin River

Hike along the narrow and wild rivers, running through all along deepening valleys carved by the last ice age.

Embrace the perfect feeling of remoteness and enjoyment of the purest natural beauty. On the way – archaeological burial sites of late Bronze age, Red sandstone cliffs and natural spring of crystal clear water.

Lunch provided: hot tea and refreshments, best local rye bread, fresh homemade cheese, fire baked peas fritters with homemade cranberry jam.


Level of difficulty: 3/10

Distance covered: 8 km

Road surface: 10% gravel roads, 90% forest paths and wild animal trails

Approximate time on tour: 6 hours (5 hours hiking and 1 hour lunch stop)

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Keywords: Invisible history Nature's jewels