HIKING tour: The perpetual forest

Hike within the most ancient forest on Gauja riverside!

Experience 3 types of natural forest, forgotten medieval roads and most mysterious and impressive Kvepene hill fort – the possible castle site of a historically famous Latvian chieftain.

Drink from a Holy spring flushing from the underneath of a sand cliff wall, the 5th biggest and oldest oak tree in Latvia, the wild banks of the Gauja river with ever changing landscape. 


Level of difficulty: 3/10

Distance covered: 14 km

Road surface: 10% gravel roads, 90% forest paths and riverside trails (Marked trails, comfortable terrain)

Approximate time on tour: 7 hours (6 hours hiking and 1 hour lunch stop; lunch from local products provided)

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Keywords: Invisible history Nature's jewels