MEDIEVAL EXPEDITION: Along the Footsteps of our Forefathers/ 2 days

Day 1

6 hours of hiking, + 1 hour picnic lunch stop

Day 2

5 hours of hiking + 1 hour picnic lunch stop


Experience a real quest to discover the locations of two most important battles between the crusaders and Estonians (1209 and 1223), both described in detail by the first chronicle of Henricus de Lette. 

Find and hike along the medieval roads, feel the story by riding on horseback, tracking along the deep and steep banks of historical Imera river, use the authentic gear and and try authentic weapons, find out the differences between the Baltic and Crusaders’ tactics, strategy and battle arrangements.


Highlights include the most untouched savage nature, astonishing landscapes of Imera canyon, bat caves, Ice age boulders and several types of forest, medieval fortified hill fort and the oldest church of the region.


All along the hike historical narrative and expertise is provided by highly trained and professional retinue.

Equipment provided for the reconstructed historical experiments: bow, crossbow, javelins, swords, axes. Authentically saddled horse for the day 1.


Level of difficulty: 4/10

Distance covered: 28 km

Road surface: 20% gravel roads, 80% forest paths and riverside trails

Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Keywords: Invisible history Medieval arts