Horses on Ice and Beer Soup in Sartai, LITHUANIA

In the beginning of February in a small town near Sartu lake the traditional race of trotter horses on ice takes place. And even though in the small village only a few thousand people live every day, on the day of the race, the number of visitors increases to 50 thousand. In 2017 it will be the 107th race, but the traditions of this race originate from way before. Participants from more than 10 countries take part in the race each year.

Visit also a grand local crafts and food fair, watch a theatrical performance reminding of the old traditions, concerts and other attractions.

The local beer brewers offer warm beer soup for freezing visitors, supplementing the soup with smooth honey and several earlier in the summer collected herbs.

On the way back - dinner at a tavern with a Lithuanian wedding play


Time of visit: first saturday of February

Approximate time on tour: whole day


Keywords: Performances Traditions