Closer to tree tops, closer to the stars! - LITHUANIA/ 2 DAYS

Day 1

Get inspired by the view from the new viewing platform in Biržai. Formed as the letter "C", it has earned a special recognition from architects.

The Cow's cave - the peculiar sinkhole.

Revealing excursion getting to know the process of beer brewing in Biržai beer brewery. Beer tasting and snacks.

Anykščiai - a charming Lithuanian town with a long history.

Lunch in a cafe, trying the culinary heritage of Lithuania.

Šeimyniškėliai Hillfort - the most researched hillfort in Lithuania. Historians consider it to be the location of Lithuania's first king's castle - Voruta castle.

Horse museum - every aspect of horses in mythology, wars, everyday life and art, about horse breeding, field work and work ethics in a beautifully arranged country ranch.

Ride with a steam train on a narrow gauge railroad track (šaurukas) - the longest intact narrow gauge tracks in Europe that is still used.

Climb to the Rubikai viewing platform to enjoy the sceninc view of the surrounding landscape.

The maze park offers the chance to test your orientation skills in 3 different mazes. Join forces and solve the maze in a group or walk alone.

Day 2

Walk above the tree tops - Anykščiai trail - formed as a bridge it winds through the tree tops, letting you enjoy not only the breathtaking views, but also the natural calm of the surroundings.

Visit a country ranch to experience a health program lead by an environmental enthusiast - herb expert, and to taste the Augštaitija pancakes.

The modern Museum of Ethnocosmology - the only such museum in the Baltic States. Its aim is to reveal the human (and Lithuanian people's) link with the universe. Next to the museum o unique formation of boulders stands. Through an underground gallery visitors ascend visiting the expositions and following the human perception of the universe since the ancient times til modern days. From the 40m high towers a magnificent view of the Moleta lakes and hillocks is revealed.

Discover the lake fishing traditions of Moleta region in a renovated ethnographic ranch.


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days



Keywords: Beer Nature's jewels Traditions