Tour to the beer haven in LATVIA - 'All You Need is Beer'/ 2 days

Day 1

City tour in Valmiera, a former Hanseatic League city that in the 17th century has been governed by the Swedish High Chancellor Axel Oxienstierna. Situated on both sides of one of the most beautiful rivers of Latvia - Gauja - Valmiera brings together education, culture and the largest industries of Vidzeme region.

Visit Valmiermuiža craft brewery, small craft beer brewery that has found its home on the grounds of a former hunting manor, owned by a duke of Prussia. Valmiermuiža carries on the long traditions of hospitality that duke Peter August Friedrich has established here.

Treat your taste buds, eyes, nose and even ears - Gourmet dinner in Valmiermuiža Beer kitchen. The restaurant prides itself in a modern traditional Latvian cuisine. The restaurant carries the name of a "Beer Kitchen" because of its attentive care for the refined taste of beer either as a component of the dish or a complement. The special tasting menu gives you a whole evening to appraise not only the finest accomplishments of Valmiermuiža’s master brewer, but also  gastronomic improvisations inspired by these beer varieties. The chefs have created remarkable interpretations of traditional Latvian festive dishes and the best seasonal produce sourced from our fields and forests.

Replenish the emotional energy in a Latvian sauna accompanied with a certified bathhouse attendant. For Latvians sauna is not simply about washing the dirt off the skin, it is a sacred ritual of purifying both the skin and soul. Continue to savour the benefits that live beer brings by experiencing a Beer SPA in a rustic bathhouse not far from Valmiera city.

Late dinner and night in a four-star manor-hotel.


Day 2

On the way back to Riga visit of one of the rare oakwood barrel masters (coopers) in Latvia. The master himself shows and explains the process of making an oakwood barrel and lets the guests try their hand at this ancient Latvian trade.

Riga old town tour. The capital of Latvia, regarded as the TOP 5 destination for travellers in 2015, boasts its architecture from the rustic wooden housings to magnificent Art Nouveau buildings. Riga has also become a gastronomy centre in Latvia, regarded one of the best gastronomic cities in Europe.

Riga Central Market, one of the largest marketplaces in Europe with its pavilions housed in a former military airship hangars.

In 2017 Riga-Gauja region together with East Lombardia in France have been chosen as the European Regions of Gastronomy. Riga-Gauja region's concept is "Wild at palate", returning to the roots of Latvian ancestors and using the products and spices found right there in the region. 

Enjoy a modern Latvian gourmet dinner prepared by the Ambassador of Riga-Gauja Gastronomic region. Taste his concept of bringing nature to the plate of your dinner. What will be included in the menu, will depend on the season of the visit and available seasonal products. 


Meals will be arranged depending on your wishes

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Approximate time on tour: 2 whole days



Keywords: Architecture Beer Craftsmanship Culinary heritage Traditions