About Impro


Our core operation is group tour design with enriched value. Instead of simply showing you the sights, we endeavor to create a noteworthy occasion for every client by means of sophisticated and attractive group leaders, our own developed and approved itineraries, that are improved and refurbished.

We offer travel packages, transport services, event arrangement, ticket and attractions booking, guide services, audio system rent and other services that will make your leisure or business stay here more comfortable!  

Baltic States

The Baltic states can proud themselves not only in rich and flourishing natural sights, but also in cultural and historical heritage of various historic periods and former rulers, manifestations of which one can find in urban development styles, architecture, clothing and traditions.

Get to know the hidden gems of these historic farmer and merchant cultures! The Baltic states offer numerous possibilities no matter what the aim of the trip - business, leisure, adventure, education or a bit of everything.

Group services

Our core emphasis is on providing original and unique travel programs that are particularly designed to respond to your requirements.

We focus on incentive and leisure travels, specialized and tailored interest tours, event arrangement and providing business service: nature tours, culture and heritage tours, cultural city breaks, culinary and tradition tours, lifestyle and adventure travels, business incentives.

Business services

We offer to arrange your business conventions followed by or joined with traditional and nontraditional activities.

Whether your wish is to convene in the cosmopolitan city Riga, or if you are looking for a more secluded location in the Baltic region, we will organize a high quality reception in more tranquil and picturesque venues outside the city.

Bus rent

We tend to provide our clients the most convenient travelling experience and choosing the right transport is an essential condition to provide it.

We at operate 7 our own single decker full-size buses and a midibus, moreover, we have close and long-lasting cooperation agreements with other transport service providers to ensure that our guests receive the transport service that fits their special requirements.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to depict Latvian, Baltic and world's culture, nature and people in all their splendour, diversity and originality.

Our vision is to be the leading group tour operator in Latvia, as well as the Baltics with one of the most compelling program collections in the world.

Our values

Improvisation, searching for the contemporary, unexplored, exceptional, unfathomable;
Professional group leaders and guides;
Respect towards the clients, colleagues and our work;
Positive work environment;
Stability and responsibility - more than 20 years of experience.

Our team