The capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States has been found in 1201. Dubbed the "Pearl of Latvia and the Baltic states" and the "Paris of the North", Riga still bears keys to heaven in its coat of arms.

As a former Hanseatic League city, and the exit to the Baltic Sea, Riga was the epicentre of trading, therefore it gathered treasures, goods and cultures in this area. Some parts of these are still seen in modern-day Riga.

Since then the town has gone through various constructional and architectural stages of radial, vertical and finally – horizontal development and expansion, resulting in the most vivid and eclectic city centre in the region. Nowadays also busy with all sorts of restaurants, cafes, theatres, hotels, spas and all kinds of leisure time activities.

Besides the Old Town, that houses charming 800-year-old churches mixed together with buildings dating from almost every century from there on, there are many other districts in Riga worth seeing and experiences worth living.

Many districts outside the city centre have turned into hip creative districts with untraditional and modern art centres.

The Art Nouveau district and the quiet centre are only a few minutes walk away from the old town. Whether on business, leisure or adventure touring, it is worth spending a couple of hours to take delight in this magnificent architecture. Learn how the specific Art Nouveau of Riga has formed and feel the quiet hustle of the near centre.

Learn about the biggest market in Europe housed in the few in the world left zeppelin hangars or let us take you farther away from the city centre to find out more about Latvian traditional culture and to show you adorable log houses with thatched roofs in what kind our ancestors used to live, or to show you the charming wooden architecture from as far as the 18th century.

One will find Riga's quiet centre and the suburbs very fascinating, as here the blend of the 20th century, Soviet Period and contemporary styles can be discovered.

Discover Riga from an unusual perspective - see the industrial part, Riga harbour sites and shipyard and other untraditional sights - by boat, kayak or SUP.


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