Royal Picnic in Raiskums - and idillic day in Vidzeme

On a not so sunny day a group filled with excitement went to Vidzeme region in Latvia to enjoy a royal picnic with a pipe organ concert, historical activities, royal picnic and visiting a charming manor.


Before the pipe organ concert, a young fellow had a chance to feel how easy of hard the work of a church boy was handling bellows.


After the concert everyone sat in boats to enjoy a lift over the lake to get to the place of the picnic.


At the table - local and natural food, beer and Latvian-made pottery.


Everyone had the chance to try their hand at such historical activities and weaponry as archery, javelin and axe throwing, and horseback riding.



A true delicacy - trout fried in clay.



On the way home, a stop in a magnificent Vidzeme region manor. A concert to the previous owners of the manor.