Leigo lake music festival

On a Saturday in August four IMPRO Travels groups went of a tour to experience the marvelous performances of Leigo lake festival Orchestra, Opera singers, Estonian Handbell Ensemble, Instrumentalist group accompanied by the songs of birds and chirps of crickets on the stage located on a lake. Here nature and human combine their forces in creating the scenography. This was a truly magestic experience!


On the way to the festival we stopped at Sangaste castle, whose owner Georg Magnuss von Berg wanted to build a castle that would resemble Winsdor castle in England.

One could argue on the real similarities, but it was cetrainly inspired by Winsdor's example.

However, no one argues of his right to the unofficial title of "Count of Rye", as he was famous for developing a new variety of rye.



The stage located on the lake. Performance of Leigo Festival Orchestra, conductor Risto Joost, soloists Elina Shimkus, Koit Soasepp, Helen Lokuta, Juhan Tralla.



Leigo festival is a symbol of one man's dream. In 1981, when Tõnu Tamm was visiting the area in the search of his future summer residence, the unique landscape of Leigo caught his eye. Mr. Tamm saw the future of the landscape with several artificial lakes on it.

In 1998, the first lake was created with an island in the middle of it. This year for the 19th time the festival took place here. And Mr. Tamm was watching and controlling that everything happens as he has imagined it. 


Once it gets dark, one can see boats slowly flowing in the lake and lighing up candles. It looks like the stage was set in a starry sky!




Grand finale! 

Real FIRE works in the background and Mozart's Requiem on the stage!