Baltic states celebrate their centenaries

The Baltic states invite you to celebrate their centenaries in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia!

Even though all three states have different birthdays and different plans for celebrations, be sure that each country will have prepared a range of memorable events for you to participate in!

Generally the events are planned all through the year with the culmination on the dates of each country's birthday: February 16 for Lithuania, February 24 for Estonia and November 18 for Latvia.


Some of the currently announced main events include:

- Estonia 100 Theatre series "Tale of the century": January 16th - March 9th (Tallinn and other Estonian cities);

- Mass-scale state birthday celebration: February 16th (all Lithuania);

- Lithuanian National Song and Dance Festival: June 30th - July 6th (Vilnius, Lithuania);

- Latvian National Song and Dance Festival: June 30th - July 8th (Riga, Latvia);

- City festivals taking place in large and small Latvian cities: May - September (all Latvia);

- Estonia 100: A Party in Every Village: January - December (all Estonia);

- A National Costume for Everyone: 2016 - 2021 (all Latvia);

- National Indepencence day celebrations: November 18th (Riga and all Latvia).


These are just the main and already announced events that are planned for year 2018 in the Baltic states! Many more smaller scale events and projects will take place in the upcoming 12 months. Stay informed and come to the Baltics!