New Beer District in Riga for Craft Beer lovers

In February 2018 nine beer brewpubs, pubs and gastropubs in Riga have combined their efforts to create a Beer district outside the Old Town to make a tourism product for Craft beer lovers.

We invite you as well to enjoy a tour to Riga's beer breweries and pubs, learning about beer brewing in whole, the history of beer brewing in Latvia and Riga, beer brewing techniques and different taste nuances.

Visit beer pubsgastropubs and brewpubs to discover over 100 Latvian craft beers and their stories, discover the taste of Latvian and Baltic beer brewing traditions as well as accumulated world techniques.

Visit breweries that not only search for new tastes of beer and use different herbs in the brewing proccess, but also hold dear Latvian traditions and celebrate the Sun calendar!

Taste 12 beers with snacks, while on the tour!

See the historical houses of former biggest and greatest beer breweries in Riga, like Stritzky, Kuntzendorff and others.

Contact us and we will gladly arrange you this beer adventure!