Impro guides to further improve their skills on a tour to Estonia

Each year Impro guides come together for a common study tour with the aim to discover new possibilities and improve further their skills. This year the destination was Estonia. Guides learned about new possibilities to do in Estonia, learned new skills in guiding, driving unusual vehicles and even broom throwing!


Estonian "Traffic city" proves to be Estonian Success Story, as this small town attracts not only locals, but also foreigners from neighbouring countries big and small to enjoy their time.


Broom throwing in Estonian "Witch village" is just one of the possibilities for spending time, sleeping in log houses that stand on almost-witch-legs is one other.


Our guides learned how to play chair-football, just recently patented sports in Estonia. Curious how that is done? You will have to visit Estonia then!


Our guides deepeed their knowledge about Seti culture.

This is a painting of a Seti wive. Seti folklore is very different from the rest of Estonian culture, as the Estonians living on the border of Livonia and Pskov accepted the Orthodox religion and developed a distinctive dialect and traditional costumes.


The traditional way of parching fish.


Times have quenched and indulged these people, however, included in the UNESCO intangible heritage list, the "seto leelo" folk song, the plush art of jewelry and textile, and the national culinary heritage is still well-renowned near and far.


Leaving Seti village with empty stomachs is unforgiveble, therefore Seti national porridge and freshly baked bread is served.